• fiber optic pigtail, single mode
  • fiber optic pigtail, single mode
  • fiber optic pigtail, single mode
  • fiber optic pigtail, single mode
  • fiber optic pigtail, single mode

Simplex Fiber Optic Pigtail, Single mode, 2mm

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Fiber Optic Pigtail are basically used to splice the fiber in the cable so that they can be connected to the patch panel or equipment. It comprises of a fiber cable terminated with a connector at only one end while the other end will be used for the splicing to cable. Pigtails come in many variations for fibers, cables and connectors.

It is suitable to use in telecommunication network, Local area network (LAN), Metropolitan area network (MAN), Wide area network (WAN), Test equipment, Data processing network, Interconnection for O/E modules and Optical switch interface connection.

  • SC, LC, ST and FC connectors
  • High return loss and low insertion loss
  • High reliability and small bend radius
  • Good exchangeability
  • High tensile strength
  • Available in low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) jacket
  • Available in different fiber types and lengths
  • Conforms to IEC, EIA-TIA performance requirements
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Ceramic ferrules
  • Guaranteed quality and performance
  • 100% tested and recorded for insertion loss and return loss
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Semi tight buffered easy strip fiber
Electrical and mechanical specification
Item Data
Product name Optic Fiber Pigtail, Single mode, 2mm
Connector type SC/ST/FC/LC
Product type SM 2mm
Length According to request of customer
Cable jacket type PVC or LSZH or OFNR or OFNP(on request)
Fiber Count Simplex
Fiber type OS1/OS2 (ITU-T G.652D), ITU-T G.657A1, ITU-T G.657A2
Insertion Loss <0.2dB
Return loss PC>45 dB , UPC>55 dB , APC>60 dB
Repeatability ≤0.2 dB 1000 times mating cycles
Cable Diameter 2 mm
Jacket Color Yellow, Orange
Operating Temperature -40ºC to +85ºC
Standard ITU-T G.652D), ITU-T G.657A1, ITU-T G.657A2, IEC 60784-1, IEC 61300, GR-326-CORE, GR-1435, ISO/IEC 11801, AS/NZS ISO/IEC 14763.3, IEC 61280-4-1, UL 94, ANSI/TIA-598C & RoHS


Item Connector Type Ferrule Type Fiber Type Cable Type Jacket Material Cable Color Cable Diameter Cable Length

Fiber Optic Pigtail

SC UPC G.652.D Single Mode 9/125 SX Simplex P PVC Y Yellow 9 0.9mm 01 01 m
G.657.A1 Single Mode 9/125
LC G.657.A2 Single Mode 9/125 O Orange
02 02 m
G.655 Single Mode 9/125 20 2.0mm
W Orange
ST OM1 Multi Mode 62.5/125
APC OM2 Multi Mode 50/125 DX Duplex L LSZH A Aqua
OM3 Multi Mode 50/125 B Blue 30 3.0mm
99 99 m
MU OM4 Multi Mode 50/125 G Green

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