Jumper 5m M M

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Jumper cable made from coaxial cable and RF connectors. Impedance of this jumper is 50 ohms and it is used for high-frequency signal transmission and is Useful as a connection from your RF source ( transmitter ) to a load or watt meter and as a coaxial cable jumper from wattmeters to 50 ohm load or antenna.

 Applications :

• High quality and excellent performances
• High reliability and safety
• Fast and easy installation
• Low attenuation and low loss and low VSWR
• Excellent electrical conductivity
• High operating voltage
• Flexible
• High dimensional stability


Technical Specifications
½ superflexible Cable Type
Factory-Fit (Premium) Jumper type
7/16 Male-Male Connector type
5m Length ,m (ft)
Bronze, silver plated Center Contact Connector A
Bronze, chrome-nickel plated Outer Contact Connector A
Bronze, silver plated Center Contact Connector B
Bronze, chrome-nickel plated Outer Contact Connector B
Black Polyethylene Jacket
125 (5) Minimum Bend Radius, mm (in)
1930-1989 Frequency Band(s), MHz
1-1.5 Return Loss, dB (VSWR), typical


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