Optical Distribution Frame (ODF)

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ODF rack is an Optical Distribution Frame which is an interface between OCDF rack and LINE. It keeps pigtail adaptors and also manages and organizes optical connectors.

راک ODF• Facilitates the management of optic cables
• Suitable for installation in various types of optical distribution frame
• Easy installation, repair & maintenance
• High resistance against corrosion

  Technical Specification 
material  Body  Galvanized Steel plate St37
 base  Aluminum
Dimension Blade coating thickness(µm) 20
 Height (mm) 2600
 Width(mm) 242
 Depth (mm) 225
Blade length (mm) 606
Blade width (mm) 180
Capacity Number of Blade in rack 3
Number of adaptor keeper in each blade 30
Total capacity 90

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