Grounding Kits RO2,1/2″ , 7/8″

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• Grounding kits provide excellent protection for base station equipment by preventing damage cable and radio equipment from lightning current and transmission line to an earth grounding system.

• Quality of the product is tested according to IEC Standards.
• High reliability and safety
• Fast and easy installation
• The unique integration design and built-in insulation penetration and sealant provide excellent mechanical and electrical properties to the grounding kits


Technical Specifications
EPDM Wrap rubber
Stainless steel 304 Grounding strap
Butyl rubber Butyl rubber tape
Copper, Tin-plated Braided tape
Rubber O-Ring washer
Stainless steel 304 Serrated washer
Stainless steel 304 Inner hexagon screw M6.25
Copper, Tin-plated Single hole Cable lug M6
Polyolefin Heat shrinkable tube
Copper (Conductor) PVC (Jacket), Black Grounding cable 16mm2




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