FCCC 1/2-7/16 Straight Female Connector

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The FCCC 1/2-7/16 straight female connector is Series 7/16 RF coaxial connector, characteristic impedance is 50Ω. The Crimp RF coaxial provides superior performance for both return loss and intermodulation distortion.
This FCCC 1/2-7/16 female crimp connector are ideal for those applications where vibration resistance and environmental protection is important, such as radio base stations and broadcast communication applications because has features such as low RL, low IMD, high power capacity, low VSWR, and and air tightness.

• Very robust, extremely stable and with waterproof specifications
• Low IMD and low VSWR provides improved system performance
• Excellent mechanical and environmental
•Frequency range: 3GHz
• IP68 protection
• Excellent electrical conductivity
• Compliant with MIL-STD, RoHS, and etc
Materials Specifications
Brass plating with Tri-Alloy Housing
PTFE Insulator
Brass / Phosphor bronze plating with Silver Center Conductor
Brass Other Metal Parts
Electrical Specifications
50 Impedance, Ω
3 Frequency Range, GHz
≤-158 3rd Order IMD, dBc
≤565 RF Operating Voltage, Vrms
1600 DC Test Voltage, V
≤0.80 Inner Contact Resistance, mΩ
≤1.50 Outer Contact Resistance, mΩ
≥10000 Insulation Resistance, MΩ
400@ 900MHz Average Power, W
≤6.40 Peak Power, kW
≤1.06 @0~1.0GHz
≤1.10 @1.0~2.7GHz
≤1.15 @2.7~3.7GHz
≤0.08 Insert Loss, dB
Mechanical and Environmental Characteristics
500 Durability
890 Connector Retention Tensile Force, N
5.42 Connector Retention Torque, N.M
-40~+85 Operating Temperature, C
-65~+125 Storage Temperature, C
IP68 Waterproof


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