• 7/16-1/2SCF connector
  • 1/2SCF 7/16 RA connector

FCCC 1/2-7/16 Right Angle Male Connector

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The FCCC 1/2-7/16 right angle male connector is series 7/16 RF coaxial connector.

• Very robust, extremely stable and with waterproof specifications
• Low IMD and low VSWR provides improved system performance
• Excellent mechanical and environmental
• IP67 protection
• Excellent electrical conductivity
• Compliant with IEC, MIL-STD, RoHS, and etc

FCCC 1/2-7/16 Right Angle Male Connector 
Technical Specification
Materials Specifications
Brass plating with Tri-metal Housing
PTFE Insulator
Brass / Phosphor bronze plating with Silver Center Conductor
Brass Other Metal Parts
Electrical Specifications
50 Impedance, Ω
DC-3 Frequency Range, GHz
≤-155 3rd Order IMD, dBc
≤884 RF Operating Voltage, Vrms
2500 DC Test Voltage, V
≤0.40 Inner Contact Resistance, mΩ
≤1.00 Outer Contact Resistance, mΩ
≥5000 Insulation Resistance, MΩ
≤10.00 Peak Power, kW
≤1.08 @0~3.0GHz VSWR
≤0.08 Insert Loss, dB
Mechanical and Environmental Characteristics
500 Durability
890 Connector Retention Tensile Force, N
5.42 Connector Retention Torque, N.M
-40~+85 Operating Temperature, C
-65~+125 Storage Temperature, C
IP67 Waterproof


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