3/8″ Superflexible Jumper cable

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Jumper cables are commonly used for the connection of the the main feeder and antennas or between the main feeder and RF equipment. The 3/8″ superflexible jumper cable is suitable for applications requiring durability, small bending radii, high flexibility, low attenuation and high shielding. The 3/8″ superflex jumper cable is used for outdoor use to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. Cable and connectors have been soldered together in the production operation. Security of the joint and their concentric is guaranteed by a tight plastic cover. This flexible jumper designed, manufactured and/or distributed under this quality management system (ISO9001 & ISO14001). Quality of the product is tested according to IEC and MIL Standards.


• Designed for the harshest environmental condition
• High flexibility and small bending diameter
• High quality and excellent performances
• Low attenuation and VSWR
• Waterproof to safety class IP 68
• Flame retardant
• Available in variety of lengths and connectors

Materials Specifications
Cable 3/8″  Super Flexible
Jumper Type
Factory-Fit (Standard)
Length, m
2m, Based on customer requirements
50 ± 1 Ω
Operating Frequency 
Connector A Right Angle
Center Contact Connector A

Brass, silver plated

Outer Contact Connector A

Brass, nickel plated

Coupling Nut Connector A Hexagon nut, Nickel plated
Connector B 7-16 DIN Straight (Male/Female)
Center Contact Connector B Brass, silver plated
Outer Contact Connector B Brass, nickel plated
Coupling Nut Connector B Hexagon nut, Nickel plated
Gasket Silicone rubber
Waterproof Rate
Black Polyethylene,
VSWR (Return Loss, dB), typical
<1.15 @DC-3GHz
Intermodulation, 3rd Order, dBc
≤ -155dBc@2×20W
Operating Temperature, °C
-45 °C +85 °C


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