Production Capacity

What distinguish FCC Company from other companies are the production speed, delivery time, competitive price and flexibility to meet customer demand based on manufacturing processes such as cutting, welding, press and outsourcing management of other cases such as plastic injection, plating and painting.

The goal of production process is manufacturing demanded product by customer with high standard quality.
FCC Company presents plans, technical designing and product features by professional experts and follows injection mold making through outsourcing and permanent control of outsourced production.

In assembly unit, products are being manufactured by different units within and outside the company carefully by experts and are being assembled in order to present a final product with high quality and reasonable price.



Annual production Capacity
Jumpers 5000
Grounding kit 44000
Clamps 123500
Network accessories 44000
Feeder cable entry 50
Racks 180
Patch panel 150
PDU Box 600
Fuse panel 150
Supplementary production equipment 50000