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FCCC Huawei 64pin Subscriber Cable, DSLAM Cable Assembly
FCCC Huawei 64pin Subscriber Cable
FCCC Huawei 64pin Subscriber Cable
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Application and Properties:
FCCC Huawei 64pin Subsciber Cable can use  for Huawei MA5616 (DSLAM)with ADPE, ADFE, ADEE , all kinds of card. Length of cable is 5m and also can be supplied as 10m, 15m, 20m, 30m, 50m and etc. Cable and connectors have been soldered together in the production operation. Security of the joint and their concentric is guaranteed by a tight plastic cover. Quality of the product is tested according to IEC and MIL Standards
Other Details
• High quality and excellent performances
• High reliability and safety
• Fast and easy installation
• Available in variety of lengths
• Resistant to flames, sparks & Flame propagation
• Flexible
• Resistant to aging
• RoHS
• Compliance with RoHS and international standards (IEC, etc)
Technical Specification
Cable Specification
Annealed solid copper wire Diameter 0.40 mm (AWG 26)  Conductor 
Polyethylene compound Nominal thickness: 0.15 mm  Insulation 
Pairs with lay length ≤ 45 mm Cabling element 
Group Identification tape : A-white, B-Blue, C-Yellow, D-Brown
Wire color for each group: 1-White, 2-Black, 3-Red, 4-Brown, 5-Blue, 6-Grey, 7-Yellow, 8-Green 
Colour code 
4 groups of 8 pairs  Stranding of pairs 
white, blue, yellow, brown  Group identification tape 
One or more synthetic tapes Wrapping tape 
Tinned copper wire of 0.5 mm  Drain wire 
ALU/PET/ALU tape with a total aluminium thickness ≥ 24 μm
The tape is applied longitudinally or with a slow-turn spiral
Screen (electrostatic)
Rip cord  Rip cord 
PVC (Grey RAL7001)
Nominal thickness 1.0 mm
Outer sheath 
Nominal 11 mm; maximum 12.4 mm  Outer cable diameter
150 kg/km Net cable weigth
110 mm Minimum bending radius
0 ÷ 50 ° C installations
-20 ÷ 70 ° C working 
Temperature range
Max. ≤ 150 Ohm / Km  D.C. electrical resistance of each conductor (at 20°C)
1000 V a.c. or 1500 V d.c.  Voltage test for 1 minute (at 20°C)
Min. ≥ 1000 Mohm*km Insulation resistance (at 20°C)
100±20 ohm @ 700 kHz Impedance (at 20°C)
≤ 27 dB/km @ 700 kHz  Attenuation (at 20°C)
≥ 50 dB @ 700 kHz
≥ 35 dB @ 7 MHz
Near-end and Far-end crosstalk (at 20°C)
Connector Specification
5A Current rate
1,000 Ohms (minimum) Insulation resistance
1,000V AC/minute Dielectric voltage
-55 to +105 °C Operating temperature
Huawei cable Suitable for cable
Ni Shell material
64 Pin number


DSLAM Cable Assembly , FCCC Huawei 64pin Subscriber Cable
FCCC Huawei 64pin Subscriber Cable

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FCCC Huawei 64pin Subscriber Cable
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