History Of FCCC



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FCCC is one of the oldest and yet most up to dated telecommunication equipment manufacturers and suppliers in Iran. FCCC was established in Shiraz (in Fars Province in Iran) in 1995 with the total capital of 6000 USD.
During these years customer orientation and coordinating with the customers' needs
was of the main priorities of FCC Company.
One of the main policies of FCC Company was the Positive and constructive Competition with a special focus on the production with other active companies of this domain .The company takes the advantage of all the potential facilities and capabilities to enable the Semi-closed workshops in its neighborhood to be activated again and make a friendly atmosphere among the related companies of the Area. The Company tries to make a suitable place in order to help Graduated people to upgrade their knowledge and capabilities.
Currently, the company has a head office in Tehran, an office in Shiraz and the
workshop located in Shiraz Big Industrial Park. The number of employees of the
company is about 69 which mostly (about 71 %) have got a BA and MA degrees in
different educational fields.
FCCC family is proud to take an effective step in order to promote our telecom industry by providing high quality products.


Certifications and Approvals :

During the activity, the company is honored to receive the following approvals and certifications:
• Operation license from Ministry of Industries and Mines
• Permit entry services for buying selling telecom equipment from Communications Regulatory Authority of the I.R of Iran
• Grading A from MCI
• Certificate of appreciation from IRIB ,
• Being in the vendor list of Rightel company ,
• Approvals for the Grounding kits from MCI
• Product Self-Declaration Certification from Standard General Office of Iran.
The main Customers :
• TCI & governmental operators
• MCI Company
• Naqsh e Aval e keyfiat Company
• Rightel Company
• MTN Irancell Company
• FCI Company
• ZTE Company
• Sadid Erterbatat Company
• Huawei Company
• Mehr Azin Payam Company
And dozens of large and small active companies in the field of Telecom Industry..

Company Activities from the beginning:

• 2002 :
- Manufacturing Ladder and Fasteners for MCI
- Manufacturing Grounding kits for MCI
- Manufacturing coaxial connectors for the governmental organizations and
• 2003 :
- Manufacturing feeder cable clamp and feeder entry (for MCI)
- Obtaining the Approvals for 7/8 Connectors from MCI
• 2004 ----- Manufacturing Jumpers (for MCI)
• 2005 ------ Manufacturing Radio Clamps for the telecom companies
• 2006 ------ Obtaining the Approvals for the Grounding kit from Irancell
• 2010 :
- Obtaining grade A from MCI
- Assigning The Contract with Nokia Siemens Company for the passive telecom parts

• 2011 :
Assigning the Contract with Nokia Siemens Company for the passive telecom parts:
- Start Codifying the Strategic Plan and Guidelines of the Company by taking the Advantage of program-oriented Systems- -Obtaining self-declaration Certification for the products from Fars Standard Organization
• 2012 :
- Signing the Contract for the Manufacturing of feeder cable Clamp for Rightel
- Utilizing the Dedicated Electronic Automation “Zoubin”
• 2013 :
- Assigning the Contract with Huawei in producing and supporting fields.
-The bid winner of the Nak Company in providing Clamps and Connectors.
-The bid winner of the Rightel Company in providing radio connectors.
• 2014 :
-FCCC received the OID certification from Information Technology Organization of Iran
-FCCC was granted membership in short vendor list of Rightel for documents of tenders and auctions up to 30,000,000 Rial.
-FCCC received the confirmation of Jumper, Connector, Feeder and all ladders from ITN-Iran cell.
- FCCC gained the first confirmation from MCI.
• 2015 :
-FCCC Received Research and Development Organization certification.
- Membership in Research and Development Organization.
-Workshop expanded over 240 square meters.
- Soldering Jumper, AC Fuse Panel, Optical Fiber, Power Cable Feeder  , Grounding Kits 1⁄2”, Andrew Design
Grounding Kit 1/2”, 7/8”, Rosenberg Design, Surge Arrester, Rosenberger Design, Surge Arrester Ericsson ,Patch Panel
are the newest in F.C.C.C product line.
• 2016 :
- Being in the manufacturers list of ICT equipment in CRA organization
- Manufacturing cable and Feeder clamp for MobinNet.
- Manufacturing ODF/OCDF Rack for Gostaresh Tadavom noor Parsian (Approved by TIC)
- Signing the contract for the manufacturing and providing of feeder clamp and other telecom passive equipment for Nokia.
- Manufacturing feeder clamp and other telecom equipment for NAK Company.
- Obtaining R&D license from ministry of industry, mine and trade.
- Establishing QC laboratory (Designing and implementing the jumper tests have been done for the first time in Iran)
- Obtaining the certificate of contractor confirmation from Fars management and planning organization.
- Obtaining the utilization certificate from Fars industry, mining and commerce organization, including the increment in capacity of current manufacturing equipment and adding optical Rack, Patch panel and PDU box